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Incite doesn't just build web sites, we build web applications that run your business. Aesthetics come second to functionality that keeps your customers fulfilled and your employees productive.

The following outlines our application development methodololgy from concept to post go-live support.


  • Review the overall concept (high level functionality) with our clients executive sponsors.
  • Define the goals of the application.
  • Establish a budget.
  • Determine overall timeline.
  • Deliverable: Concept Document.


  • Interview subject matter experts related to each desired functional area as defined in the Concept.
  • List all requirements and prioritize from "Must Have" to "Nice to Have".
  • Determine pricing estimates for "Must Have" functionality vs additional pricing for "Nice to Have" functionality.
  • Determine delivery timeline for "Must Have" funcitonality vs addition timeline for "Nice to Have" functionality.
  • Deliverable: Funcitonal Requirements Document
  • Deliverable: Development, Delivery, Hosting, and Support Proposal


  • Develop baseline for each functional area
  • Review with client to insure correct direction
  • After all baseline functions are developed, review in total with client via Conference Room Pilot (CRP), to insure all functions are covered and are in-line with expectations.
  • Make adjustments as needed.
  • Complete development complete application
  • Deliverable: Develop application training documentation
  • Execute client training
  • Convert data from prior application (if applicable)
  • Deliverable: Hosted running application
  • Go Live with New Application


  • Provide client support as needed and on demand.

Monitor and Adjust:

  • After using the application for 30 days, we sit down with the subject matter experts and review what they like or don't like,
  • Determine if there are any enhancements that would add value, productivity, customer usability, etc.

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We don't just talk of solutions, we implement results - it's that simple.

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